Which brand you say good jewelry? You are not wearing jewelry is three view


In the past few years there is a special recognition of children the beginning is: You are what you eat. Later, there evolved into: You are what you wear. Similarly, there are many, such as: You are what your read You are what you drive … … In fact, are saying a truth: eat and wear without a small matter, what are finally turned into your own! It sounds like it is very contrived, it is bluff, but it is truth.
From a psychological point of view, a person even like what color is a profound psychological reasons, not to mention the life of the various options. Those little attention will reveal a small person’s upbringing, an outdated skirt on the exposed bad taste. And for the purchase of jewelry, there is no regular reincarnation of the popular trend of interference with your choice, there is no body fat stovepipe length to limit your decision, so wear what jewelry is the most naked to others exposed real self reality show. Say diamonds are the best friends of women, but they are also women’s temperament, desire and aesthetic sellers.

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For so many years of jewelry magazine editor, so often friends and family as a free consultant to ask a question: “Which brand you say good jewelry? I should buy anyone in the end?” Every time I can only a show of tricks, I really can not answer this question ah! Like the girls ask: what kind of man is it good? Who should I marry? You say, this question you answer it? One hundred people have a hundred answers ah, because everyone’s needs and love are completely different.
Jewelery is really a special category, it is both ornaments, but also works of art, or investment collections. So the way a person to buy jewelry absolutely see her everything, Tibet can not hide.
Like to buy precious stones of high value of course, is financially strong, but this is not entirely Oh! See a long time, see more, the line of jewelry customers have a very objective evaluation: want to buy jewelry money is necessary, but particularly rich and not necessarily buy jewelry, love jewelry is not necessarily a special Money. That is simple, that is precious jewelry is a hobby, but also a way of life, and many people like to buy a large number of comic books are similar. Home money is absolutely can not play, but the money may not everyone likes to play.
Some people just like to buy big, often referred to as the legend of the “local tyrants”, but I really want to say: the real Tahren simply do not understand those big ah, not to mention the rare big high-level jewelry High Jewelry (if You can not tell what is ordinary jewelry what is high jewelry, please keep waiting for my next one). In the field of jewelry, really like to buy big but instead of those who have love for jewelry, art and culture experience the wealth and the elite. If the same material and precious stones, of course, to a lot of big brands to go, but the jewelry is not just a stone only. Maybe you think that the extra value is advertising, but if you read those museum-level collections, see them in the world of handicraft and art history of the status and contribution to see 40 years as a day focused on grinding and mosaic of veteran Artist, perhaps, your opinion will change greatly. Really buy big people, is really understand the big people.

Some people like to buy bare stone directly, whether it is diamonds or rare colored stones, almost bought half of the experts. This is a very pragmatic and savvy buyer, the accounts of the special clear, do not pay much attention to the jewelry culture, design, technology and history of the study, the heart is absolutely no literary tone.
The preferences of the gem category is the performance of individual personality is exhaustive. Diamond girl and emerald fans the difference is very obvious, not only the physiological or psychological age is different, more of the traditional Chinese culture is recognized and interested, a little like the letter does not believe in the meaning of Chinese medicine …. If you find around Of friends in particular like some rare non-mainstream gem, not only that her understanding of the gem has been very deep, but also can see that the heart has a very strong desire to be different.
Even more interesting is that many of the goods in the price of the decision to buy which is to see the value of this person Oh. For example, some people like to top, pick the best origin, completely natural no processing, the color should be the best, that can not be second best, assured that: the best is the most valuable. Buy a diamond must be the United States, buy a red treasure on the need to Myanmar pigeon blood, emerald to be absolutely oil-free, even for this sacrifice stone size is also at the expense. But some people pay attention to the most cost-effective, the budget must pick all aspects of the conditions of balance, color, size, origin are good also do not pick out. There are more unique group of people, is to be big! Even if the color, permeability are worse do not care, that is, to wear to dazzling, the other is not important … …
So, ah, carefully pay attention to the people around you, not to take people, but it can be broken people. Remember, do not easily wear a dress, do not just wear a piece of jewelry.

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