Cufflink is one of the most popular dressing arts in Europe from the gothic Renaissance to the baroque period.For the man that stresses grade, besides ring perhaps, cufflink is the adornment with the smallest area.

The origin of cufflinks is also a matter of debate, with one widely believed to be napoleon.In 1796, after the victory of the Napoleonic wars, there were many dirty things on the sleeves of the soldiers.After understanding, it was the soldiers crossing the Alps on the way to catch a cold, handkerchief are dirty, had to use the sleeve as a handkerchief.Napoleon thought this was a threat to the army, so he consulted with the quartermaster and decided to put three brass buttons on the upper side of his sleeves to prevent the soldiers from wiping their noses.

Later, an officer was inspired to think that fastening buttons to the down side of the sleeve would reduce the wear on the desktop sleeve.He suggested to napoleon that the three buttons on the sleeves should be moved from the top to the bottom.Since then, French fashion designers have moved these three buttons to the cuff of the suit, which can also enhance the beauty of the suit.Since then, xiangyan chengxi, spread today.