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Gravity has over 30 years of jewelry processing history

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15 Million

With more than 15,000,000pcs annual output

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Gravity family own 3 factories in total

At the beginning of the 1980s, the reform and opening up began in China. Young men left their small villages and went into the big city, the cause of the tide of times. Mr. Gravity is one of them, who had worked in several factories just for a meal and a place to sleep. It is the best of time, it is the worst of time, Mr. Gravity went into a jewelry factory and starting to be an apprentice. After a short of time, he became the regular worker, and then promoted from group leader, director, to factory manager. Through the whole journey, Mr. Gravity had his first kid-his own jewelry workshop in 1989, and his 2nd kid – electroplating factory, 3rd kid – jewelry wax factory were born in 1999 and 2012 separately. With constant efforts, his business was flourishing and his family became prosperous.

Till 2016, a kid asked in puzzled, ‘Papa, why don’t you get close to your clients ?’ Mr. Gravity gets touched, ‘Yeah, working in the industry for many decades, and I have delivered out billions of jewelries through others to the customers, but never by my own.’ After that, a sound always called up in his mind ‘I want to stand in front of my customers to see their faces and hear their voices!’

Then the time came to 2017, his youngest children are mature, who was majored in the international business. She is Shenzhen Gravity Trading Co., Ltd. She said to Mr. Gravity ’Papa, I will help you realize your dream!’

In that case, Mr. Gravity and the young Gravities are dedicating to provide more jewelry and better services to clients. They hope everyone looks more sparkling when wearing Gravity jewelry!

Being artisan, owning ingenuity, and making life products.

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